Telegraphic transfers

A telegraphic transfer is an electronic Instruction to send money from one bank account to another – either within Tanzania or another country.


Foreign currency draft

A draft is an instruction we give to a foreign bank to pay a beneficiary specified by you. It is for a fixed sum and the value is stipulated in either Tanzanian shillings or the foreign currency


Letters of credit

A letter of credit is a conditional guarantee of payment issued by us to help you with your cross-border trading activities.



A banker's guarantee is a written undertaking in which we agree to make stipulated payments on your behalf if you do not meet or carry out specified terms of a contract.


Collection bills

We will handle your documents in line with your instructions to: • Obtain payment and/or acceptance • Deliver documents against payment and/or acceptance • Deliver documents on other terms and conditions.


Structured trade finance

We offer structured trade finance to various industries through short-term loans. The common markets in this category include agribusiness, energy and oil, telecoms,and textiles.


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