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Products and Services
Products and Services
Ways to Bank
Discipline, patience, reward

Savings and investment accounts

Plan for your financial future with our savings and investment accounts, which have been expertly crafted to help you reach your medium to long-term goals

Some of the benefits

Instant access

No notice period, simply withdraw or transfer your cash

Top Rates

Get higher interest rates the longer you stay invested


You can have more than one Pure Save account for your different savings goals

No monthly management fees

There is no monthly management fee as long as your balance stays above TZS 50,000
See which account suits you best
Pure Save Image 2
Pure Save

Get into the habit of putting away money regularly with this easy-to-use savings account

Fixed Deposit
Fixed Deposit

Set your investment period, make a single deposit, and see your money grow at a fixed rate

Hatua Account
Hatua Account

A students account offering convenient ways for transacting and also for parents/guardians saving for their young one’s future