Bonus investment

A Bonus investment account allows you to invest a lump sum over a chosen period and rewards you with attractive bonus interest.

What it offers you

  • A minimum deposit of Tsh1.5 million is needed to open the account
  • There is no maximum balance, but the higher your balance, the more interest you earn
  • Additional deposits cannot be made into the account
  • You can open more than one Bonus investment account –if you want to save for different goals
  • There are 5 investments periods to choose from – 6, 9, 12, 18 or 24 months
  • Once an investment period has been chosen, it cannot be changed
  • guaranteed bonus is paid if the account runs for the full investment term
  • No management fees are charged on the account.

How to apply

Be over the age of 18 and want to invest a lump sum for the future. You can also open Bonus investment accounts for your children to teach them the benefits of saving!

Visit your nearest branch with the following documents and fill in an application form:

  • A nationally accepted identification card (valid voter’s ID, driver’s licence or passport).
  • 3 passport-size photographs (for opening new accounts).
  • Proof of residential address in the form of a utility bill that is less than 3 months old

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