Tips to keep your banking secure

09 Jul 2014

It has never been easier to access your bank account and keep track of your funds using Stanbic Tanzania’s new internet and mobile banking offerings.   Account security is a top priority for Stanbic Bank, but you can help to keep your account secure by following these simple steps:


1)   Memorise your password and change it frequently.  If you must write it down, then keep it in a secure place.  Have your password include Upper and Lower case letters, special characters and numbers and not be an obvious choice.

2)   Monitor your accounts frequently to look for suspicious withdrawals, particularly if you have done any online shopping.  If you notice a transaction that wasn’t you, flag it to us  immediately by calling our toll free number 0800751111 or email us at [email protected]

3)   Use security questions that only you know the answer to.

4)   Keep your phone number and email address up to date with Stanbic so that we can contact you with suspicious activity.

5)   Use caution when sharing any account information via phone, text or Internet.  Also, don’t over-share on social media, the more information someone has about you, the more likely they can access your account.

6)   Never respond to an urgent email or phone call that requests account details- we already know your account details and will never ask for them.

7)   Install a firewall and anti-virus software onto your computer and never open attachments from unknown senders.  These attachments can place spyware onto your computer that helps steal valuable information.

8)   Sign off at the end of your banking session don’t just close the browser.  Ensure that you are accessing your account from a secure Internet connection, not a public system like an airport or coffee shop that could allow a criminal to intercept your information when you sign in.

The best defense against criminal activity in your bank account is just to stay vigilant and use common sense.  Keep sensitive information and cards private and in safe places and regularly check your account activity. Says Farha Mohamed, Head of Channels from Stanbic Bank Tanzania: We are committed to protecting the confidentiality of your banking details.  We are always looking out for sites that pretend to represent Stanbic Bank or any of our subsidiaries.  When we find one, we take measures to close them down as soon as we can.  We also do our best to make sure our customers are told of new ways criminals may try get information out of you. Stanbic is working hard to keep your hard-earned cash secure and your account watchfulness only makes it that much safer.


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