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We have a range of specifically designed flexible offshore bank accounts to hold your cash in any major currency. Our accounts will meet your needs, whether you wish to access money on a regular basis, or are saving for the longer term.

What it offers you

Offshore banking services
We have a range of flexible offshore bank accounts that allow you to hold your cash in any major currency. Our accounts meet your needs, whether you want regular access to your money or are saving for the longer term.

Platinum Optimum account*
If you need an offshore bank account for regular transactions, our Platinum Optimum account may be right for you. This is a flexible, interest bearing demand account with the optional benefit of a Visa Debit card.

Offshore Visa debit card*
Wherever you are in the world, you can use your Offshore Visa Debit card to pay for goods and services in any currency without the need to carry large amounts of cash or travellers cheques. 

Your card can be linked to your Platinum Optimum account in pounds sterling, US dollars, Australian dollars or euro. It can also be used to get cash at ATMs and over the counter at banks displaying the Visa sign.

Your card has set spending limits and other security features for your protection.

What does it offer me?

  • Interest is calculated on the daily cleared balance and added quarterly, either to the same account or to a separate income account
  • Statements will be mailed to you quarterly or you can access them through Internet banking
  • You can also arrange to pay other accounts or third parties through internet banking at a reduced charge
  • The minimum balance requirement is only £3,000, US$5,000, AU$5,000 or €5,000
  • No cost for opening an account
  • Opens the door to a comprehensive and flexible range of banking services and products, including,:
    • Fixed-term deposit accounts
    • Offshore Money Market Call accounts
    • Expatriate savings accounts.



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