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Access essential business account information and make payments with Stanbic Biashara mobile for businesses. More than one signatory of the business account can access the mobile application with a maker/checker functionality which makes it secured and convenient as it is available wherever your business takes you.

How do I enroll in Biashara Mobile for my business?

A Business banker will guide and assist the users to fill a simple form. The form is available at Biashara Direct center. Access the center by calling 0800751021 or email [email protected] from Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm.

Do I need a User ID and Password for Biashara Mobile?

Every user will receive a onetime password (OTP) on their mobile phones as sms message and use the password to access the Biashara Mobile (USSD) application by dialing *150*29#.

What features are available with Business Mobile Banking?

The following features are available:

  • Secure Sign-in / Sign-out
  • View Account Balances
  • View Mini statement (Last 5 transactions)
  • Inter account transfer
  • Beneficiary payments within Stanbic or other banks
  • Transfer to mobile wallets; Mpesa, Tigopesa, Airtel money, Halopesa and Ezypesa
  • Pay Bills; Luku, Dawasco, DSTV, Startimes and many more

How much does Business Mobile Banking cost?

There is no bank fee to use or access Biashara Mobile however; transaction fee will be charged according to our pricing guide

What if I get locked out of Biashara mobile?

Please contact Biashara Direct and we will happily help you out!


Call: 0800751021 (Toll free)

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